In the book of Acts we see that the first church ever formed didn’t meet at any specific time in any specific church building. They met in smaller in groups in each other’s homes. They had a meal together, talked about life and faith, and spent time studying God’s word. Pastor Jamil’s vision is to help the people that God brings to Maranatha to develop faith, discover hope, and experience love. He believes that the church in Acts is the model for the way Maranatha can accomplish this vision.

Coming to church can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time. Before you walk in the front door, you are already wondering what it will be like, if you are dressed appropriately, and whether or not you will make a connection with the people you meet. Maranatha, as you will discover, is a great place to be. But it is this uncertainty that led the Pastor to create the small group ministry at Maranatha. Small groups give you the opportunity to meet new people in a comfortable and casual environment while, at the same time, allowing for an intimate study of the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere. You can begin to develop your faith as you learn what the Bible says about how much God loves you. You will discover true hope, the hope that only comes from hearing others share their faith experiences and realizing that they want to know God more, just like you do. You will experience the love that saved the world, the love God has for you, through the relationships formed in the group. This is the Pastor’s vision. This is what Maranatha wants for you.